Building Usage

Big Hollow School District 38 Rules for Use of School Facilities

  1. The Board of Education makes its school facilities available during “non-school hours”. The use of school facilities for school purposes has precedence over all other uses; use by the community shall be prohibited if it interferes with any school functions or the safety of students or school personnel or affects the property or liability of the school district. Persons on school premises must abide by the District’s conduct rules at all times. Use of the school facilities will be pursuant to the fee schedule attached to these rules. 
  2. Permission to use the facilities must be obtained in advance from the building principal or superintendent upon written application. The application which is attached hereto and incorporated herein, will by supplied by the district. The District reserves the right to decide if a district employee needs to be present during any other event. The renting organization will be responsible for any wages incurred by the employee.
  3. The Board of Education, superintendent, or the principal may cancel, at any time, any arrangements made for the use of the school premises. School activities shall have priority for space utilization if dates conflict with outside groups. 
  4. Use of the school facilities shall be both lawful and of a nature suitable for a public school; for example, gambling, drinking or possession of intoxicants; indecency in speech, action, or dress; or inappropriate boisterousness in any form are prohibited in school buildings or on school property. Smoking is prohibited in school buildings, parking areas and on school sites. Appropriate shoes should be worn for gym use. In addition, during renting organization’s use of the school facilities, to the extent applicable, the renting organization shall comply with all applicable Board policies, regulations, rules, as well as applicable ordinances and laws, including, but not limited to, the requirements of the Illinois Human Rights Act, 775 ILCS 5/1-101 et seq. and the provisions of sexual harassment policies and procedures pursuant to Section 2-105 of that Act. Further, to the extent applicable, the renting organization agrees to comply with all federal Equal Employment Opportunity Laws, including but not limited to, the Americans With Disabilities Act, 42 U.S.C. Section 12101 et seq., and rules and regulations promulgated thereunder. The renting organization acknowledges that, under Illinois law, the presence of sex offenders is prohibited on school district property except in limited circumstances with notice to and approval of the Board. 
  5. If the application is approved, the renting organization will assume responsibility for orderly and careful use of the school facilities. Renting organizations assume liability for damage or loss of property that may occur caused by them or their patrons. The renting organization may be required to furnish a bond or certificate of insurance to indemnify the organization and execute a liability waiver. Such waiver is attached to these rules. 
  6. Renting organizations using Big Hollow facilities shall release hold harmless and indemnify the Board of Education, and any members thereof, its officers, agents, administrators, insurers, and employees, successors and assigns from and against loss suffered, any and all liability from whatsoever causes, including but not limited to damages, costs, investigations, and attorney fees arising out of said organization’s use of facilities herein described. 
  7. Renting organizations shall provide sufficient adult supervision at all time. The amount of supervision will be determined at the time the application is approved. Applicants shall also supply any special supervision that is required and needed in regards to police protection, parking supervision, etc. if determined by the superintendent or the building principal at the time of the application. 
  8. It is the responsibility of the renting organizations to ensure that any rooms utilized by the organization are returned to their original condition. This means that trash is to be taken to the dumpster, tables are to be wiped down, floors are to be swept, windows are closed, and furniture is to be returned to its original position. 
  9. All food and drink items are forbidden anywhere in the building except in the cafeteria/kitchen areas. 
  10. Use of equipment in the kitchen must have prior approval. 
  11. No district owned equipment may be used without prior approval from the superintendent or building principal. An additional fee may be assessed for any usage of extra equipment. 
  12. Use of material on floors, walls, and other parts of the building is prohibited without the specific approval of the superintendent or building principal. 
  13. Decorations shall be of a fire proof nature and shall be erected in a manner that will not disturb or destroy school property. Special decorations must meet the approval of the superintendent or building principal. 
  14. For groups using space beyond the security doors in the hallway, access by anyone other than direct participants is denied. The group leader should establish the ending time of the activity and parents, or others, awaiting participants will wait outside the security doors for the participants. For groups using the gym facilities, participants are to make use only of the gym facilities and not enter other sections of the building. The group supervisor is to ensure that lights, fans, etc. are turned off and that doors have been checked for security. Groups with children must restrict their activity to the designated area (no play is permitted in the public areas, i.e.; corridors, restrooms and entries). 
  15. It shall be the general rule not to lend any items of equipment for use outside the building. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the superintendent or building principal. In such cases a signed receipt will be required. 
  16. All programs, performances, or any usage of the school buildings must conclude before 10:00 p.m., unless authorization is received by the building principal or superintendent. 
  17. The school district shall not be responsible for the property left on the premises during or after a scheduled activity. It shall be the responsibility of the renting organization to wait until the next school day to retrieve their property. 
  18. The school district will give equal opportunity for use of school property to all political parties. 
  19. Any profit-making user of the building who would accrue a tax liability shall also be responsible for paying the tax amount. 
  20. All State and Local fire safety laws and regulations must be observed. 
  21. Keys to the buildings or facilities shall be kept in possession of the superintendent, building principal or designee and will not be issued to any individual or group unless authorized by the superintendent or building principal. 
  22. In all advertising for such events, the school’s name should only be used as the designated facility where the event is being held. In no way shall the school be listed as sponsoring the event. 
  23. Facilities cannot be used for individual student parties. 
  24. Violations of any of these rules and regulations could result in the suspension or cancellation of the use of facilities for the remainder of the school year. 
  25. Theses rules are subject to addition or change at any time. 
  26. All fees and charges shall be payable by check to the Big Hollow School District