Special Services

Big Hollow Elementary and Primary Support Services

Notice of Public Meeting ~ FY24
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Welcome to the Special Services Department

Special Education is a service, not a placement.

Welcome to the Special Services Department where we serve students with identified needs, as well as their families.  Our Student Services Department evaluates, identifies eligibility and provides services and plans for students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade with unique needs. The services provided include specialized instructions for students with learning disabilities, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vision and hearing itinerant services, specialized classroom settings.  Big Hollow #38 partners with the Special Education District of Lake County (SEDOL) and private facilities to provide programming for all of our students.

If you have questions regarding your child's eligibility for pre-kindergarten, special education services
‚Äč or a 504 plan please feel free to contact us!

Dr. Erin Pittman
Director of Special Services
847-740-1490 x 5097

Notice of IEP Related Service Logs

Related services may be provided to your child under his/her IEP. Related services are recorded and maintained in service logs that list the date, type, and the number of minutes of each service that has been provided to your child. These service logs are part of your child’s temporary record. If applicable, a copy of your child’s related service logs will be available to you at any time upon written request sent by mail or email to the child’s case manager.


Medicaid Notice to Parents

Medicaid reimbursement is a source of Federal funding approved by Congress to help school districts maintain and improve special education services. If your child is eligible for Medicaid and receives therapy or diagnostic services, Big Hollow #38 will claim partial reimbursement for any eligible services provided. This will not affect your family's ability to receive Medicaid funding now or in the future. If you have any objections or concerns regarding the release of information related to Medicaid claims, please contact the District Office.