Health & Wellness

Healthy LivingHere at the Big Hollow School District we have compiled information from a variety of resources that we feel families will find beneficial in keeping a healthier environment.

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AED and CPR Video
On the IHSA website, a video on hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillators is posted. We encourage parents and staff to view it at the following link:

Other information regarding  the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act …
Provides that the Act applies to public schools, school districts, and recognized nonpublic schools.

Requires the Department of Public Health and the State Board of Education to develop and post on their publicly accessible Internet websites guidelines and other relevant materials to inform and educate students participating in or desiring to participate in an athletic activity, their parents, and their coaches about the nature and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest.

Sets forth provisions concerning a sudden cardiac arrest symptoms and warning signs information sheet, informational meetings regarding the symptoms and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest, and a sudden cardiac arrest training course.

Provides that

  • a student who exhibits signs or symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest while participating in an athletic activity must be removed by the team's head coach from participation at that time,
  • if a student is known to have exhibited signs or symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest at any time prior to or following an athletic activity, the team's head coach shall prevent the student from participating in an athletic activity, and
  • a student removed or prevented from participating in an athletic activity shall not return to participation until the student is evaluated and cleared for return to participation in writing by a physician licensed to practice medicine in all of its branches, certified nurse practitioner, or cardiologist; sets forth penalties.

Contains provisions concerning other youth athletic activities, construction of the Act, and agency rules. Effective 60 days after becoming law.

Farm to school will be part of Big Hollow School, we will be using local farmers to bring in fresh fruit and veggies.

Primary and Elementary - biggest seller was heart-shaped chicken nuggets (whole grain, white meat)in February.
Steamed broccoli and Jicama were the most taken vegetables.

​Middle School - biggest seller is Orange Chicken or Domino's Day.

Did you know we serve 5 different entrees daily, we have grab 'n go or an assortment of salad/sandwich items, and a fully stocked cold bar with fresh fruit and veggies. We offer red, dark green, starch, legumes, and every other vegetable food group everyday!!