Citizen's Advisory Council

The Citizen's Advisory Council (the "Council") was designed to afford Lay participation in educational planning and shall have the following purposes and objectives:

  1. To assist in communication between the administration and the community.
  2. To study and express to the administration, its opinion on any questions concerning Big Hollow Schools which are submitted to it by the Board or Administration.
  3. To serve as a communication vehicle for state and federal programs and building advisory teams.

The Council is open to whomever wishes to participate, with a cap set at 75 members of  interested persons who are elected and appointed by the Board and whom reside in District 38. The Council shall represent:

  1. various age groups
  2. Ethnic groups
  3. Viewpoints of the community

‚ÄčA balanced membership will be created by considering:

  1. Parents
  2. Non-parents
  3. Students (2 members)
2024-2025 School year meeting agendas