Big Hollow School District 38 Strategic Plan 2022-2027

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Strategic Planning

Motto: Believing in Higher Standards

​​Mission:To educate, empower and engage all learners.

Vision: One District - One Community.  Growing confident, creative and conscientious learners.


Goal #1: Ensure high levels of growth for all learners.

*Develop a standards-based reporting system
*Strenghen the systems of support for all learners
*Enhance Professional Learning Community (PLC) practices

Goal #2: Cultivate a safe, secure and inclusive learning environment that is responsive to the evolving needs of all stakeholders.

*Expand the resources and practices that reflect our diverse community
*Build the capacity of stakeholders to address the social-emotional well being of learners
*Establish a culture and climate where all stakeholders have a voice and feel valued as part of our education community
*Establish and set clear roles for a District Leadership Team consisting of stakeholders throughout the district

Goal #3: Optimize the operations for an improved educational experience for all students by effectively using all resources while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

*Expand opportunities for shared services with local agencies
*Maximize the use of learning space throughout the district
*Formalize a long-term plan for future facility improvements and maintenance
*Ensure stabilization of technology infastructure and cyber security