Big Hollow Speech and Acting Team

6th - 8th grade students (former or have previous BHMS Theatre experience) are invited to join the Speech & Acting Team! Students will learn a variety of tools and techniques in speech and acting that they can use in various aspects of their life. Members also have the opportunity to compete in the IESA Speech contest (optional), however, every team member will be required to participate in the fun "Video Showcase" at the end of the program to share their talent!


Congratulations to everyone who has participated in the Fall 2020 Speech & Acting Showcase! Everyone worked so hard and did a wonderful job adapting and being extremely creative in all of their hard work. Congratulations to Desi Dickson, Sammy Hernandez and Emily Stacy for participating and receiving Division 1 rankings in our BHMS IESA in-house Speech Tournament this past Saturday Dec. 12th. Thank You Mrs Kumpula and Mr Knowles for volunteering to be the judges. And Congratulations to Emily Stacy for receiving the Judge's Choice Award for your original script. 

Spring Speech & Acting Showcase will start on February 16th. Please note grade level and experience requirements.
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Speech and Acting Team Showcase Events!

Join us for a virtual evening of laugh out loud entertainment and fun!

This year's Showcase dates will be at the end of the program.